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S4 League 2D v0.9

Posted by HellaHell on March 17, 2016 at 3:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Version 0.9 is finally here with some cool new content. Three new weapons are available for playing - Revolver (left mouse button), Counter Sword (right mouse button) and Lightning Bomber (middle mouse button).

The Revolver provides high damage and spread on the cost of reduced fire rate and ammo.

The Counter Sword attack can push the enemies away and the dealt damage is higher when the enemies are closer.

The Lightning Bomber deals random damage to a group of enemies as far as they are in its range.


The new weapons are bounded to 2 new costumes: Adorable Girly (female) and Teenage Yakuza (male) which are also available in 2 color variations.


This new update also includes a huge performance improvement for the map editor. No more FPS lag when creating a map with average size.

Unfortunately, it was impossible to make all these big changes to the game without affecting the previously made content. The maps made with an old map editor may not be compatible with this version of the game. You may have to rebuild them again or use previous version of the game to play them.

However, there is a new editable map added to the editor to play with: AzitTest. You can access through 'Play custom map' button to try it out or AzitTest.bck though 'Load saved map' button to edit the map.


You can download S4 League 2D v0.9 from here:

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S4 League 2D update information:





-Counter Sword weapon (right mouse button)

-Revolver weapon

-Lightning Bomber weapon (center mouse button)

-Adorable Girly/Teenage Yakuza costumes + colors (playable map)

-AzitTest.bck (editable map)



-Map editor performance fix

-Previously made custom maps are no longer supported

-Image distortion bug fix

-Added new extra title screen

-Loading screen reverted back to the old one


S4 League 2D v0.8

Posted by HellaHell on May 31, 2015 at 6:45 AM Comments comments (0)


For a first time, S4 League 2D presents a completely new mode which doesn't exist in the original S4 League. The name of the new mode is Time Attack. The goal of the mode is to reach the end of the stage (i. e. to enter in the goal post) before the time runs out. Your enemies in this mode will not be the AI opponents but the environment of the stage and the clock. This mode is for those who have mastered the S4League2D's game mechanics to perfection. The mode comes with its own map that is unavailable for other modes (Course-1) were you can test your playing skills. How fast you can complete the stage?


You can download the new version from the following link:

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S4 League 2D update information:



-Time Attack mode

-Course-1 map


S4 League 2D v0.7

Posted by HellaHell on April 27, 2014 at 6:10 AM Comments comments (3)

 This new update brings the Tunnel map as a new addition to the recently released Touchdown mode.

 The map is also available for Death match and Practice modes as well.

 Download the new game version from


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S4 League 2D update information:





-Tunnel map


-Passing the score limit fix

-Wrong bar color in Practice mode result screen fix

-Increased hitbox size of the ball



S4 League 2D v0.6

Posted by HellaHell on January 30, 2014 at 8:10 AM Comments comments (1)

The first version of S4 League 2D for this new year brings the most beloved mode off all in S4 League - the Touchdown mode. Now you have the chance to compete for the ball against up to 6 AI opponents in Touchdown mode. You can download the new version form here:

The new version also includes new starting screens made by Imix and MeyDawson and also a new male costume made by Beffel.

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S4 League 2D update information:





-Touchdown mode

-Lobby background in the menu window

-New loading/title screens by Imix and MeyDawson

-New male costume by Beffel


-Tutorial mode update

-Changed start positions for enemies in Station-2 map

-Treasure hunter menu theme disabled

-Male basic costume (red) removed

-Credits list updated



S4 League 2D Season 6 exclusive

Posted by HellaHell on September 6, 2013 at 2:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Treasure hunter season for S4 League is near. Lets all celebrate that with an exclusive version of S4 League 2D made specially for the case with a contribution from ProSiebenSat.1 Games. You can download "S4League2D Season 6 exclusive" form here:

Do you think you can be a good treasure hunter? The new Treasure map has prepared a surprise for you then. Check it out and try to find the hidden treasure chest. Pick it up and your character will become even stronger.


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S4 League 2D update information:


Season 6 exclusive



-Treasure map

-Treasure hunter menu theme

-Treasure item (300 HP, 300 ammo)



-Credits list updated

S4 League 2D v0.5

Posted by HellaHell on August 9, 2013 at 3:05 AM Comments comments (2)

It is still summer outside and S4 League 2D has prepared some summer sets for you. You can download S4 League 2D v0.5 form: .

You can also find a re-edited costume made by Simonmana inside. If you want to see your own character designs in S4 League 2D don't be afraid and send them to [email protected] and they may be added to the game in some of the next versions.


There are few more surprises in v0.5. Since there were so many request about a melee weapon for S4 League 2D, here it is - Spy Dagger. When press the Right mouse button of your mouse, your character will perform a Spy Dagger stab attack. To make it more balanced you can use this attack only when your character is on the ground and have at least 50% SP.


But this is not all. Here it comes the Smash rifle as well. It is more accurate, has faster shooting speed and more ammo but a weaker attack and requires more time to reload.

Note that only certain characters can use the Spy Dagger and the Smash rifle. Change the top of your character depending of the weapons that you want to use (they will be displayed below the character).


As you may know from v0.4, S4 League 2D has also a map creator. Unfortunately, because of all changes mentioned above, v0.5 of S4 League 2D will not be able to run custom maps made with version v0.4. However, this compatibility problem is now solved in v0.5 and the maps created with v0.5 will be compatible with the next versions of the game as well. Version 0.4 will be no longer available for download because of this problem. You can enjoy the improved map editor of v0.5 from now on.

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S4 League 2D update information:





-Spy Dagger weapon (right mouse button)

-Smash Rifle weapon

-Sexy Summer Bikini/Water Sports costumes + colors

-New female costume by Simonmana

-Male basic costume - red color

-Weapon slots in the main menu (inactive)

-Custom maps made with v0.5 will be compatible with the next versions


-Custom maps made with v0.4 are no longer supported

-You can no longer change costumes when playing a custom map

-TestMap.bck and recreated for v0.5 and above

-Improved lasers in the map editor

-HUD update

-Help menu updated

-Shooting animation with 0 ammo fix

-Station-2 map wall fix

-Switching character's gender without resetting the costume number

-Costume sprites tweaking

-Credits list updated


S4 League 2D v0.4 with map editor

Posted by HellaHell on May 19, 2013 at 3:20 AM Comments comments (2)

Version 0.4 of S4 League 2D is finally out. You can download it from

Tired of waiting for a new map to come? Now you have the chance to build your own map with the new map editor. Simply press the "Create a new map" button and you are ready to go. There is also 1 new map to test your editing skills on it if you are still not sure what to do yet. Just press the "Load saved map" button and select TestMap.bck file to start editing it or press the "Play custom map" button and select file if you just want to play it. Of course, you can create and save your own map from scratch too. Hold the "Space" button to see the help menu for the map editor.


Another new thing in this version are the ammo buffs dropping from the enemies sometimes. You will no longer need to wait until you die before to get another Earth Bomber.


There are also 2 new character skins (1 female, 1 male) made by Jintaro93 and Zathcore. Everyone who have made costume/skins/artworks/backgrounds for S4 League 2D can feel free to send them to [email protected] and I may include them in some of the following versions of S4 League 2D so everyone can see them.

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S4 League 2D update information:




-Map editor (playable map)

-TestMap.bck (editable map)

-Ammo buffs dropping from killed enemies

-New costumes by Jintaro93 and Zathcore



-Map selection resets to default when accessing the main menu

-The enemies can spawn on non-empty position

-Enemy respawn rate increased x10

-Object depth changed

-Credits list updated


S4 League 2D v0.3

Posted by HellaHell on February 7, 2013 at 10:05 AM Comments comments (2)

The 0.3 version of S4 League 2D is finally here.You can download it from

A new weapon is now added to the game: Earth Bomber. You will have 1 Earth Bomber per respawn to eliminate a lot of enemies at once. You can use it with pressing the center mouse button (M3).

It is also a time for a new map as well, so here it is: Station-2

Note that the Touchdown mode is still in a development so the map is currently available only for DM and Practice mode.

But what is a Station-2 without some tricky jumps?

The new "trick platform" feature will allow you to perform an extra jump if you press the jump button in the right moment when your character is still in the air.


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S4 League 2D update information:




-Station-2 map

-Earth Bomber weapon (center mouse button)

-Trick platforms (press jump in mid-air)


-Xmas features disabled

-Enemy fire rate reduced by 150%

-Visual fix for a wall in Neden-1

-Help menu update

S4 League 2D Xmas exclusive edition

Posted by HellaHell on December 23, 2012 at 5:30 PM Comments comments (0)

It is time for presents! Let's see what Santa has prepared for you this year. It is the very special Xmas exclusive edition of S4 League 2D! Now and only in this version of S4 League 2D, you will be able to enjoy the snowy weather while throwing snowballs at your opponents. Look out for the presents from Santa falling from the sky! There may be something useful for you inside.


As always, you can find the Xmas edition in the "Download" section of the website:


Special thanks to for including this edition in their advent calendar where you can find some great stuff made by other s4 players. Check it out if you have missed it:


Merry Christmas and happy New year with S4 League 2D!

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S4 League 2D update information:

 2012 Xmas exclusive edition


-Snowy weather

-Snowball ammo

-Sweet bear/Winter bear costumes + colors

-Xmas presents (power up items with limited duration):

* 100 HP recovery

* Big snowballs (+50 damage)

* Huge snowballs (+100 damage)

* SMG ammo

* Unlimited magazine

* Invincibility


-Added neon lights (Tutorial mode)

-Added flashing to the Enter button (Tutorial mode)

-Respawn invincibility time reduced

-BlockBuster map name not displayed fix

-Added red score bar when losing

-Costume sprites tweaking


S4 League 2D v0.2 available for download

Posted by HellaHell on October 16, 2012 at 6:50 AM Comments comments (5)

The next version of S4 League 2D is ready for download:

Version 0.2 contains new game mode (singleplayer Death Match), New map (BlockBuster) available for Death Match and Practice mode and new Costume system that allows visual customization for the character. Together with that, there are also a lot other minor changes and fixes (see the full update list below)

For the creative players who likes to draw sprites and wants to design new costumes for the game, there are 2 templates that could helps in making new sprites for your character (you will find those in the "img" folder of the game). 

If you want, you can also send your sprites to email: [email protected] and the best of them will be added to the game in some of the further versions (note that your sprites have to follow the size and the position of the template otherwise they won't be added. Not finished sprites won't be accepted too.) The names of the peaople who will going to create sprites for S4 league 2D (if the sprites are accepted and implemented into the game) will be added to the S4 League 2D staff list.

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-Death Match mode

-BlockBuster map

-Costume system

-Male/female basic costumes + colors

-Wall jump animation added

-Weapon spread added



-Walking backwards when not shooting fix

-Neden-1 map changes

-Having 0 HP fix

-Added gravity to the Sentry Gun

-Changed flashing effect for destroyed blocks

-Added effect when destroying blocks

-Added "You lost the match" sign in Practice mode

-Effects depth changed

-Credits list updated

-Text fix