S4 League 2D v0.9

Posted by HellaHell on March 17, 2016 at 3:40 PM

Version 0.9 is finally here with some cool new content. Three new weapons are available for playing - Revolver (left mouse button), Counter Sword (right mouse button) and Lightning Bomber (middle mouse button).

The Revolver provides high damage and spread on the cost of reduced fire rate and ammo.

The Counter Sword attack can push the enemies away and the dealt damage is higher when the enemies are closer.

The Lightning Bomber deals random damage to a group of enemies as far as they are in its range.


The new weapons are bounded to 2 new costumes: Adorable Girly (female) and Teenage Yakuza (male) which are also available in 2 color variations.


This new update also includes a huge performance improvement for the map editor. No more FPS lag when creating a map with average size.

Unfortunately, it was impossible to make all these big changes to the game without affecting the previously made content. The maps made with an old map editor may not be compatible with this version of the game. You may have to rebuild them again or use previous version of the game to play them.

However, there is a new editable map added to the editor to play with: AzitTest. You can access through 'Play custom map' button to try it out or AzitTest.bck though 'Load saved map' button to edit the map.


You can download S4 League 2D v0.9 from here:

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S4 League 2D update information:





-Counter Sword weapon (right mouse button)

-Revolver weapon

-Lightning Bomber weapon (center mouse button)

-Adorable Girly/Teenage Yakuza costumes + colors (playable map)

-AzitTest.bck (editable map)



-Map editor performance fix

-Previously made custom maps are no longer supported

-Image distortion bug fix

-Added new extra title screen

-Loading screen reverted back to the old one


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